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I think this year (2009) is going to be an excellent opportunity for anyone who has recently started (or is about to start) a new company.

The reasoning behind this is

  • It’s the recession; your business idea might be more thoroughly thought as times are tougher (or at least it should be)
  • You might also focus more on thinking who’s gonna pay for whom and why (btw: don’t count on the advertising business model)
  • You might have few friends who might lose their “steady” job in a big corporation; it might be easier than ever to get co-founders
  • In any case it’s going to be easier to find qualified people for more down-to-earth salary level (the law of supply and demand)
  • Getting funding is tougher and valuations lower than they used to be; but maybe the remaining funding is given to better concepts?
  • There is going to be less competition on the market as some of the companies with high burn rate are going to disappear; more room for new startups

It’s going to be interesting how many great new ideas are going to be successful in the next two years. It could also of course be that the customer behaviour has changed; or is about to change. So forget also copying and “improving” an idea you have seen somewhere else – now it’s time to innovate new ideas. Maybe getting everything out of the recession is going to be a fun exercice, we’ll see!


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