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The new omatkaupat.fi service is turning the traditional concept of SMS marketing upside down. Instead of receiving unwanted messages from big brands, this service actually lets you (The Consumer) choose which shops you like – and receive their special offers. It’s like “business twitter”, it lets you select the local shops and services you want to “follow” ie. receive their offers into your mobile phone. You can also put an upper limit for the number of messages you get weekly.

omatkaupat.fi - suosikkikauppiaittesi tarjoukset tuoreena matkapuhelimeesi

According to a recent poll in the Internet, about 80% of the consumers would like to have relevant special offers from their local shops in their mobile phone. The most wanted offer type was a significant discount in a grocery shop, for example -30% discount when showing the received message in the shop (typically a time-limited offer, for example only this evening).

Omatkaupat.fi enables the shop owners send one-way campaigns as well two-way mobile coupons where the customer can reply to the message, for example in order to make a reservation. As creating and sending a campaign is easy (text message is quite short, and there is no need for an ad agency to get involved), it can be done on ad-hoc basis and more frequently. It can even be done from the mobile phone of the shop owner himself, practically any time and anywhere.

What do you think about this? What kind of special offers, discounts and invitations would you like to receive?


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