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Everybody is good at something. Where are you good at?

Everybody knows somebody who is good at something. Where are you good at?

The Prototype of Tikitagi.fi is finally out… only in Finnish in the beginning, however.

You cannot learn swimming if you don’t jump into the pool. Wise words and I’m applying that to one of my ventures, tikitagi.fi. This is now the starting point, it’s still far from my actual vision of this service. But as they say, you cannot have version 2.o unless you first have version 1.0.

Tikitagi is an on-line marketplace for doers and buyers. In Tikitagi, you can easily find a trusted (by your friends, for example) person to do some daily chores for you. For example cleaning your house, fixing the computer or taking care of the children. You can as easily to start offering services on your own. Maybe you want to offer some skills only to your friends, or maybe sell your garden planning skill to anybody in town. Tikitagi aims at becoming a marketplace where you can easily buy and sell services.


In Tikitagi an ability to do something well is represented by a concept of a Skill – anybody selling services has one or more Skills, for example a Skill of being able to cook sushi. I have that Skill in my own profile, for example, even though that one is available only to my friends.

Don't Do Everything On Your Own - Outsource!

It really does not make sense to do everything on your own. You may want to focus on some things where you are good at. You may want to buy some service from the neighborhood in order to focus on something where you are good at. Or you may want to sell some services where you are good at.

In Tikitagi anybody can be good at something, get good recommendations for those services and build this way on-line reputation helping one to develop further.


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